Streamlio Cloud

Cloud-native messaging, processing and event storage as a service, powered by Apache Pulsar

With more and more data generated or collected in the cloud, having the right data infrastructure to connect and process that data is critical. However, legacy solutions for messaging and data processing, architected for on-premises environments, are unable to utilize the elasticity and flexibility of cloud platforms.

Streamlio Cloud is a software-as-a-service solution for messaging, processing and storage of fast-moving data. Powered by Apache Pulsar and operated by the experts who helped to create and deploy Apache Pulsar at Verizon Media Group (formerly Yahoo), Streamlio Cloud allows you to focus on putting your data to immediate use rather than managing and monitoring your data infrastructure.

Image for illustration of Streamlio Cloud service
Illustration of Streamlio Cloud service architecture for messaging and stream processing

Cloud-Native by Design

Powered by the elastic, scalable architecture of Apache Pulsar, Streamlio Cloud can scale up and down without disruption to keep up with your data serving, data processing and data retention needs. Use tiered storage to take advantage of scalable cloud storage to retain as much data as you need at cloud storage costs.

Enterprise-Class Messaging and Streaming in the Cloud

Streamlio Cloud is built on the proven Apache Pulsar and Apache BookKeeper open source messaging and storage technologies. Combined with Streamlio’s management and integration features, Streamlio Cloud provides what you need to connect, process and store fast-moving data.

Compelling Performance and Scalability

Streamlio Cloud offers the high throughput and low latency of Apache Pulsar, proven in Internet-scale production environments with 100s of billions of messages per day and millions of topics in a single system.

Secure Throughout

End-to-end encryption, granular access controls and authentication support ensure that your data is protected. Streamlio Cloud operates within your cloud environment, giving you complete control over security.

Reliabity and Resiliency

Leveraging the built-in resiliency and guaranteed durability of Apache Pulsar, Streamlio Cloud ensures that your data is never lost while preventing disruptions and downtime from failures or operations such as scaling.

Easy Operation

Operated and managed by the Streamlio experts who created Apache Pulsar and operated it at Internet scale, Streamlio Cloud takes advantage of best practices for deployment, optimization and operation automatically.

Streamlio Cloud Configurations

Streamlio Cloud comes in pre-configured packages to meet a range of needs. These packages are sized and configured to deliver specific performance targets so that you can focus on your application rather than on sizing and tuning of your configuration. Each package is designed to support the throughput and sizing below. Need a larger configuration, or not sure what configuration you need for your workload? Contact Streamlio and we’ll be happy to help.

Get Started

With Streamlio Cloud, you can get access to the capabilities of Apache Pulsar quickly and easily. Streamlio Cloud is currently available in multiple Amazon Web Services regions. To learn more or to get started with Streamlio Cloud, just click below.