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At Streamlio we are excited to bring you top notch education to make learning easy for you, whether you are new to streaming systems, or advanced, looking to take your skills to the next level.

We’ll be building out our education platform and course content over the next few months, so in the meantime, look out for short tutorials on our Youtube channel and Twitter stream.

To help you here are some open source resources we have curated.

Messaging: powered by Apache Pulsar (incubating)


Title Source Date
Open-sourcing Pulsar, Pub-sub Messaging at Scale Yahoo Engineering Blog September 2016


Title Source Date
Pulsar, a highly scalable, low latency pub-sub messaging system Hadoop User Group October 2016
Pulsar — Distributed pub/sub platform Tech talk November 2016

Compute: Powered by Heron


Title Source Date
Twitter Heron on Apache Aurora Twitter #compute event @Twitter April 2016
Flying Faster with Heron InfoQ April 2016
Twitter Heron: Stream Processing at Scale @Scale Conference September 2015


Title Source Date
Real-Time Analytics: Algorithms and Systems Twitter University May 2016
Stream Processing and Anomaly Detection Velocity Conference (O’Reilly) June 2015


Title Source Date
Low latency stream processing: Apache Heron with Infiniband & Intel Omni-Path May 2017
Dhalion: Self Regulating Stream Processing in Heron VLDB August 2017
Twitter Heron: Towards Extensible Streaming Engines IEEE Conference on Data Engineering April 2017
Streaming@Twitter Bulletin of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Data Engineering July 2016
Twitter Heron: Stream Processing at Scale ACM SIGMOD May 2015
Storm@Twitter ACM SIGMOD June 2014

Stream Storage: Powered by Apache BookKeeper


Title Source Date
DistributedLog: A High Performance Replicated Log Service Sijie Guo, Robin Dhamankar, Leigh Stewart April 2017
A Technical Review of Kafka and DistributedLog Sijie Guo September 2016
Durability with BookKeeper Flavio P. Junqueira, Ivan Kelly, Benjamin Reed January 2012


Title Source Date
Apache BookKeeper: A High Performance and Low Latency Storage Service Streamlio engineer Sijie Guo at Linux Vault 2017
Apache BookKeeper as distributed Store (audio) JV Jujjuri at ApacheCon 2016
Cloud Messaging Service, technical overview Streamlio engineer Matteo Merli September 2015
Building reliable systems with Apache BookKeeper Matthieu Morel June 2014

Our Passion for Community

As an open-source company we are committed to contributing code, documentation, education and other resources back to the community. We can’t do it all on our own though, and we would love your help.

Become a Streamlio contributor

There are lots of ways to contribute to the open-source communities we are participating in. Sure, you can contribute code, but for some people that can be intimidating. Here are some other ways you can help out:

  • Become a bug hunter — Report those pesky bugs you find
  • Answer questions on Stackoverflow — If you’ve figured something out, odds are that others have the same questions.
  • Try your hand at presenting — We’re always looking for great content to share with the community.
  • Improve the documentation — Awesome docs help others out; if you find something wrong or worded poorly, help make it better.
  • Donate your demo — Demos are a great way to help other developers learn. Got an idea for a demo or one to share? Please let us know at

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