Enterprise-grade, unified, end-to-end real-time solution

Founded by co-creators of best-of-breed open source messaging, compute, and stream storage technologies proven in production at Twitter and Yahoo scale

A unified real-time solution

Brought to you by engineers who developed Pulsar (messaging), Heron (compute), and BookKeeper (stream storage), technologies that have driven core services at Twitter and Yahoo for over three years.

Diagram of Streamlio real-time solution components

Streamlio offers

  • Best-of-breed messaging, compute, and stream storage for real-time applications
  • Messaging with strong durability guarantees (zero data loss)
  • Predictable horizontal scalability
  • Multi-datacenter replication
  • Blazingly fast stream processing at scale

Core technologies

At Streamlio we are committed to open source, which is at the core of the Streamlio platform. Our engineering team comprises contributors and PMC members on three key projects.

Apache Pulsar (incubating) provides pub-sub messaging scalable out to millions of topics.

Heron provides topology-based real-time stream processing.

Apache BookKeeper’s stream storage provides the backbone of Streamlio’s stateful, exactly-once processing model.

Use cases

The Streamlio real-time solution is built on open source technology that is proven in production at Twitter and Yahoo, powering event-driven use cases. The types of use cases that can take advantage of a real-time solution are limitless, but here are a few to start with:

Event-driven architecture

Break apart monolithic applications to build a new generation of applications enabled by microservices. These services can be independently developed and maintained, paving the way to lower development and operations costs and faster time to market.

Anomaly detection

Use event-driven actions to detect unusual patterns in real time. These events can include:

  • fraud detection for the finance and the insurance industries
  • real-time alerting and prevention of catastrophic defects in machines for manufacturing
  • intrusion detection for point of sale systems in online retail

Predictive modeling

Machine learning in real time—with no humans in the loop—to build intelligent applications. Uses of machine learning include:

  • smart homes and cities to preserve scarce resources like water and electricity
  • self-driving vehicles reducing accidents and minimizing traffic
  • financial investing to maximize returns and minimize losses

Streamlio's founding team

Karthik Ramasamy


  • Co-creator of Heron
  • Engineering manager of Real-Time Compute Infrastructure at Twitter

Sanjeev Kulkarni


  • Co-creator of Heron
  • Technical lead for Real-Time Analytics at Twitter

Sijie Guo

Twitter, Yahoo

Matteo Merli


Lewis Kaneshiro

Shazam, Goldman Sachs

  • Data scientist at Shazam
  • Taught real-time analytics at Udacity